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The following vendors have been used to purchase the truck and accessories.

GPS, Books And Maps:

Camping and Hiking:

  •  Gear
    • Sierra Designs - We have an Omega Convertible and an Alpha Convertible (both 3/4 Season) tent that we bought from Campmor (an excellent vendor for all camping equipment). Both hold up well to weather and do not leak! Also, in the mix is a Light Year backpacking tent, comfortable but with the mesh can let some dust in.
    • Deuter ACT lite 65+10 Back Pack - Very comfortable, holds plenty of gear and very straightforward.
    • Leki Tecking Polls - Trail Version - makes carrying a pack way easier and also helps with balance and stream crossings.
    • Cabela's - Everything, sometimes costly but nearly always great quality.
    • Cheaper Than Dirt - All sorts of stuff, some good . . some not so.
    • Sportsman's Guide - Much like Cheaper Than Dirt. Some stuff is OK, and some stuff is not.
    • Zodi Tent Heater - Worked good but a single propane canister will not work all night. See the Hunter Mtn pictures to see it in action. Better to buy good sleeping bags!!!!!
    • How to poo in the woods! Dumb question? Not really. Leaving waste all over the forest and desert is making a mess of things. It is giving ammunition to those who'd like us off off public lands! Pack it out!

      Each of these items are available at Sportsman's Guide and will run you about 50 bucks total.
      • Get a Cheap Seat!
      • Get Some WAG Bags (do not get the PETT toilet unless you want to - just the bags that go in it)!
      • For privacy get a Changing Room
      • If you are worried about lugging filled WAG Bags around, then get a 1 gallon (or larger depending on your ummm, well your . . . output) paint pale with lid from Home Depot. When you get to a trash can, chuck it all! Easy!

    • How to shower in the woods:
      • Use the  Changing Room you bought for an out house.
      • A folding Cedar Shower Deck makes a great floor.
      • Get a Zodi Shower - well, we did and it didn't last, so we do not recommend one rally but the idea is the same. Better to buy a big pot and heat it on the stove, then a cheap Coleman pump to pump the water or get a solar shower.
      • Do not use your soap from home! Use camp suds, available at Wal Mart and sporting goods stores.
      • In your truck you'll need to carry more water! This means you'll need to toss out a lot of other stuff.






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