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Butte Valley and Saline Valley 03/04-07/10

Off to Death Valley National Park to meet a few friends along the way and enjoy spring in the desert. The truck now has an dual band amateur radio (Ham) but this still did not appease the Tire Spirits as yet another Goodyear bit the dust exiting Barker Ranch. When Lance and Pam came up, they found me at the top of the hill at Mengle Pass from which I could hit the Big Bear, Keller and Randsburg Repeaters and talk to much of the Mojave and down into Los Angles County!  In Butte Valley we took over Russell's cabin and even from there I could hit the Randsburg Repeater and could talk to mike on the 495 near Trona Road! Later Mike and Jeff made it up to camp and we had a nice camp fire and then bed.

In the morning we headed back down Goler, to Panamint Springs, up  South Pass and eventually Saline Valley to camp at the Warm Springs. Mike and I tested our radios along the way (he'd just gotten his as well) and found them to have great range and to be way more clear then CB. We also saw snow in the pass and were happy to get into camp and then a nice soak in the warm springs. John showed up that night as well!

The next day we headed out and about. Some hiked to a waterfall and John and I just explored on foot. We all headed to the snow in North Pass. John and I also explored a couple of talc mines and then everyone met back in camp to again soak in the warm natural waters of Warm Springs.

In the morning it was out Steele Pass to Eureka Dunes and then down to Big pine and south on the 395! A lot of miles and a lot of fun!

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IMG_3158.html IMG_3159.html IMG_3164.html IMG_3168.html IMG_3170.html IMG_3171.html IMG_3178.html IMG_3180.html
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