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Two winter storms pounded their way across Southern California and most sane people stayed home getting ready for the Super Bowl. But, the Southern California Tacoma Club had a run planned and though most would stay home, warm and dry, a few didn’t and took a chance that it would all work out despite the terrible weather and surprisingly it did!

Friday it was raining and traffic was thick while Jeremy with family friend Travis, and Dennis made their way out of the urban sprawl heading north on Interstate 15. To their surprise as they came over Cajon Summit, there was no rain and they could see blue skies for miles. They headed for the Calico Hills, set up camp, got a fire going and relaxed, amazed that they could see the stars and laughing about those who’d backed out of the run because of the weather. We had the whole place nearly to ourselves with the only other campers around over by Doran road. How lucky we were!

About four in the morning the rain started and got worse! By morning camp was a muddy, sloppy mess, wet and cold! Rain water had made Mule Canyon into a river when the ever dedicated Sal arrived. We stood in the protection of the EZ-Up and talked. We contemplated packing up and leaving but just then the skies began to clear so we decided to run some of the easier trails. We went out to Tin Can Alley, across to the Bismark Mine and then as conditions continued to improve, Philips Canyon. All went well and by then it was late afternoon. Jeremy took his dirt bike for a spin. Sal decided to head home. Travis waited patiently for us to decide what to do next!

Dennis and Jeremy decided to run Doran!

Doran, a Calico favorite, was somewhat rearranged from the water and a lot of fun. New rocks in places where none had been before and higher falls made for a good time. Near the top of the trail the rain started again and increased steadily as we exited via Philips which was now full of water. Wheeling became more like boating but it was a lot of fun! We caught up with the flow in Mule Canyon near Ghost Town Road on the way to grab a burrito. It was an amazing experience!

Again the skies cleared and returning to camp and a wind destroyed EZ-Up, a camp fire was started and the sky was again nothing but stars. We had had more fun than ever and again we laughed about those who’d missed it on account of a little rain! It was a perfect end to an oddly perfect day! Eventually it was time to turn in and then in the morning with the sun shining, Jeremy took one last run on his bike and then we packed up camp and headed home.

It was occasionally wet, muddy and cold, but it was also beautiful and very different, a great trip that made Calico, a place we’ve been many times, new again! Jeremy noted how the rain seemed to wash off the mineral laden and colorful hills in Calico and made them even more vibrant. We all agreed that maybe we’d only do runs in Calico when it was raining for here forward! A perfect weekend!
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