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The Southern California Tacoma Club made one of their favorite runs in Death Valley National Park to Saline Valley. With Dennis in the lead and John as tail, Jeremy and Tedi, Nick and Courtney, Daniel and Tami,  Steven  and James along for the fun, we started in Ridgecrest and headed to Trona and then to Panamint Springs for our last chance for gas and supplies.   We immediately noticed that the weather was fantastic and we’d be in for a great weekend!

From there the team went up Hunter Mountain to Hidden Valley and Teakettle Junction with a stop for lunch at the Lost Burro Mine. The group then headed to the Racetrack to see the moving rocks before going up to Homestake to set up camp for the night. The Temperature got pretty cold overnight, water froze, people gathered by the fire and then folks turned in early to stay warm in sleeping bags.

In the morning when the sun reached camp, everyone was in good spirits and headed down the Lippinicott to Saline Valley.  With stops at the Salt Tram, a Native American site and a hike to a waterfall, the team headed to the warm springs to set up camp and soak in the warm water!  It was wonderful!

Sunday morning everyone packed up and said good bye to  Nick and Courtney and Daniel and Tami, all of whom were heading out South Pass. The rest headed out Steele Pass to Eureka Dunes where lunch was enjoyed before the long drive home!

It was a great weekend, perfect weather and good times.

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