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A trip with SCTC  to the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear. We met up in Running Springs,
Jeremy as Trail Boss and Dennis as Tailgunner, Monica, Dan and their guest Mark‘s rig, with a
ton of passengers as well!, We got off  a little late due to a failed alternator on Monica’s rig,
that was parking lot fixed with a new one, and  after a foggy morning we were blessed with
sunshine at the trailhead to Dishpan.

We ran Dishpan, rocks and fun, to the main obstacle, the dry fall, where a number of Jeeps
and classic Broncos were already backed up, a little mountain traffic jam! So we settled in for l
unch and relaxed, taking time to watch the other rigs go up until our turn arrived. When it did the
team made it up and had a lot of fun doing so with only some fender carnage to Jeremy’s rig.

After Dishpan  Jeremy took the team east to John Bull, which we ran east to west.  Again at the
main obstacle, the steep rocky climb near the top, a small traffic jam let us sit back and enjoy
watching a number of rigs  play on the rocks. When our turn came we all got up, one rock at a
time but finished the day with no breakdowns or with having to strap anyone! 
Also of interest to note is that Monica was not the lone female at the wheel, 
Ruby was at the wheel for the two main obstacles on John Bull!

The team then headed south on the dirt and off the trail at about 11:00 PM for the drive home. 
An excellent trip over all on some of the hardest and best trails San Bernardino National Forest
has to offer, another success for the Southern California Tacoma Club. 

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