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A run to the desert ended up being during a slight heat wave, and with all that is going on all around, it ended up with John and I at Jawbone on a Saturday Morning wondering if we might go look at something new today! So, we decided to decide about Pole 19 and the other trails in the EL Pasos later and off we went to Indian Wells because a book said there was some good places to see!

We first headed up to the Five Fingers area and the terrific views, but there was also a lot of wind! Being a bit higher we were enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures and decided to work our way up still higher. We explored every trail open on the edge of the Owens Peak Wilderness and then headed up to the Nadeau-Magnolia Mine and the Siebert Cabin. This areas was last worked as a gold mine in about 1945 and was very interesting to see.

After this we headed over to Inyo-Kern for gas and then into the EL Paso Mountain area via Sheep Springs. We headed into Goler Canyon and then as we ascended out of it, John heard the sound of a broken CV and it was a bit “warm” at this point, nearly 103. So after a snack we begin our exit to the pavement.

We headed over to Randsburg for some cool drinks for the real Soda Fountain in the General Store which we accompanied by some nachos. It was good to relax in the comparatively cool air in this historic place. Then we headed south and home!

A great trip, though probably the last to the desert for the season. A great area! Good times!

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