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SCTC Calico 02/07-08/09

Out with the club to the Calico Hills near Barstow to run the trucks and camp! Ruby stayed home because it was
cold and rainy but my tent held up fine and I was dry, warm and happy.

IMG_5783.html IMG_5784.html IMG_5785.html IMG_5786.html IMG_5787.html IMG_5789.html IMG_5791.html
IMG_5797.html IMG_5798.html IMG_5800.html IMG_5803.html IMG_5804.html IMG_5805.html IMG_5807.html
IMG_5808.html IMG_5809.html IMG_5811.html IMG_5813.html IMG_5814.html IMG_5815.html IMG_5816.html
IMG_5817.html IMG_5818.html IMG_5819.html IMG_5821.html IMG_5823.html IMG_5824.html IMG_5828.html
IMG_5829.html IMG_5833.html IMG_5836.html IMG_5840.html IMG_5841.html IMG_5842.html IMG_5843.html
IMG_5844.html IMG_5845.html IMG_5848.html IMG_5849.html IMG_5855.html IMG_5856.html IMG_5857.html
IMG_5859.html IMG_5860.html IMG_5862.html IMG_5866.html IMG_5867.html IMG_5872.html IMG_5874.html
IMG_5875.html IMG_5879.html IMG_5881.html IMG_5883.html IMG_5887.html IMG_5894.html IMG_5903.html
IMG_5905.html IMG_5906.html IMG_5907.html IMG_5908.html IMG_5910.html IMG_5911.html IMG_5912.html
IMG_5913.html IMG_5915.html IMG_5916.html IMG_5917.html IMG_5918.html IMG_5920.html IMG_5923.html
IMG_5925.html IMG_5926.html IMG_5929.html IMG_5931.html IMG_5932.html IMG_5933.html IMG_5934.html
IMG_5935.html IMG_5938.html IMG_5939.html IMG_5940.html IMG_5941.html IMG_5942.html IMG_5945.html
IMG_5948.html IMG_5949.html IMG_5950.html IMG_5951.html IMG_5952.html IMG_5953.html IMG_5954.html
IMG_5955.html IMG_5956.html IMG_5957.html IMG_5958.html IMG_5960.html

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