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SCTC Sherman Pass & Monache Meadows 07/12-13/08

A run with the Southern California Tacoma Club!

Off to Sequoia and Inyo National Forests to enjoy the Sierras. In July and August of 2002 the
McNalley fire swept through parts ot the Sherman Pass area, devastating the trees but the ground
plants have been able to thrive. Sherman Pass is then still beautiful, and more so once
out of the burn area. The Monache Meadows are truly unique and wonderful to see and
enjoy along the South Fork of the Kern River.

The club met at McNally's Fairview Lodge & Steak House just north of Kernville and then headed
up to Sherman Pass. We took the trail through the burn area and into the forest A few rocks, a lot of beauty
and soon enough they arrived at the end and headed to Blackrock.

At Blackrock Ranger Station the everyone picked up fire permits for their stoves, books and souvenirs
and ate lunch. Relaxing at the picnic tables in the shade in the mountain air was nice but we came to run trails!

So, after lunch it was off to Monache Meadows, an easy but very scenic route up into Inyo National Forest.
It was here the club camped along the South Fork of the Kern River, which was cool
and refreshing! That night a light rain fell as we all drifted off to a well deserved sleep. In the
morning we woke up and broke camp to head back down through the
meadows and to Blackrock, and then headed home!

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